Medellín Rentals

How Much are Furnished Apartments in Medellín Colombia to Rent?

Furnished Apartments in the city of Medellín typically have a median cost of $1,000,000 Colombian Pesos per bedroom. Many factors such as the “barrio” or neighborhood and other amenities also influence the costs of furnished rentals in Medellín.

Medellín is comprised of 16 comunas (districts), 5 corregimientos (townships), and 271 barrios (neighborhoods). All are classified under “Estratos” or wealth classes which number from 1 to 6, 6 being the highest or wealthiest areas of the city.

Estrato/ClassSocioeconomic Status
Estrato 1Lowest Class (Estrato Bajo – Bajo)
Estrato 2Lower Class (Estrato Bajo)
Estrato 3Lower – Middle class (Estrator Medio – Bajo)
Estrato 4Middle Class (Estrato Medio)
Estrato 5Middle – Upper Class (Estrato Medio – Alto)
Estrato 6Upper/High Class (Estrato Alto)
Table: Illustrating how areas of Medellín, Colombia are classified by socioeconomic status

For most tourists that travel to Medellín searching for furnished rentals, condos or homes typically chose the Estrato 5 and Estrato 6 areas that have the most tourism, amenities, shopping malls with high quality stores, food and goods.

This does not meant that other areas that are of lower status are worse than the aforementioned areas, however more safety and police presence has been found in the zones that have higher “Estratos”.

What are some of the factors that dictate pricing for furnished apartments in Medellín?

Medellín contains many high rise buildings that scale from no amenities to amenities that rival most hotels in the city. Large investment has developed the city into a large tourism based market that allows for visitors to select from a wide variety of furnished accommodations.